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Powder coated a metallic green with a slight wrinkle finish and accented with day-glo green accents. This one is so cool. You know what they say about green machines, they make you more money. We’ll maybe they don’t say that, but they might?

Introducing the new and improved Steeldriver. While I’m constantly improving and tweaking my machines, some improvements are more noticeable and exciting, and this one is both. The Steeldriver has been an incredibly versatile and effective machine. Snappy off the tip with a great bog. A very intuitive coil like hit. Great for lining and shading with needle on bar and cartridges too. The new Steeldriver yoke allows the stroke to be more adjustable. It replaces the consumable o-rings with a robust coil spring. The coil spring has the added function of being adjustable so now you can adjust the “give” aspect of the stroke to be more firm or less firm. So fine tune your hit to suite your preference without negatively affecting it’s tune. This new Steeldriver lines like an absolute dream, and shades like a dream. 

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