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Powder coated the perfect shade of minty sage, paired with acid etched brass hardware and brown phenolic caps. Custom turned a-bar to give it an extra touch of architectural fanciness.

The Big Can is built and tuned to be a very well rounded shader, standard need/tube as well as cartridges. This machine has a lot of power distributed through the whole stroke, so it doesn't feel overly abrasive or traumatizing to the skin but it is more than capable of handling bigger groupings. The Big Can doesn't have a lot of the "Snap" that the Micro and SC Bobbers have, this makes it a poor liner on larger groupings but an amazing machine for low trauma color packing, color blending, black and gray and even stippling. This is an amazing machine for both a well seasoned rotary user as well as someone new to rotaries. It is forgiving and a very capable tool.

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