Different Rotary Machines I Make & What They’re Good For

Original Post: June 28th, 2018

I make 4 different rotary machines. Not shown in the diagram is the Method which is my cartridge specific machine. Great for both lining and shading with cartridges. The diagram shows the other 3 machines and has a little info about each one. It’s a great guide for identifying which machine is which and why I build the different machines. By no means are these recomendations the law to rule all. Some folks like to use the Big Can to run tight liners and some artists love running their Micro-Liners for lining and Shading with a cartridge setup. The info listed is simply what I tune and engineer them for. Which means that is what I feel it will be best at. Can you line with a Big Can and Shade with a Micro? Of course, would it be the best tool for the job? Quite possibly but not likely.



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