Good Judy Compostable Clip Cord Sleeves
Good Judy

Good Judy Compostable Clip Cord Sleeves

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Eco-responsible extra wide/long Clip Cord Sleeves: 2.4” x 40”

This highly durable semi-transparent bag is ideal for all clip cord sizes. It looks and feels like a regular bag but it is completely home compostable. Protect your surfaces from bacteria, viruses and liquids. 

100% compostable means that PLA products are fully renewable. It can be converted back to monomer and polymer, or, it can be biodegraded into water, carbon dioxide and organic materials.


  • Raw Materials: PVA, Starch, Glycerin and Water
  • Clip Cord Sleeve: 5.1cm (2 inches) wide x 61cm (24 inches) long
  • Machine Bag: 10.5cm (4 inches) wide x 13cm (5 inches) long
  • 25 microns thick 
  • Eco responsible printing (EEQ tested)


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