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This Micro-Bobber purple af! Purple velvet body, purple binding posts with an iridescent coral a-bar and weighted thumb screw paired with the coolest purple acrylic caps.

This is a great looking machine with some new tricks. The Bobber body style is the most advanced model of Bowers machines. It is available as a Micro or a Small Can. I did away with the rear spring and compensated for the tune internally, bobbed the frame and moved the binding posts up front for a more balanced machine. It runs smooth, powerful and quiet. 

 The Micro Bobber runs snappy on the tip of the stroke and backs off slightly mid to back of the stroke making it very easy to run crispy clean single pass lines without fear of blowing them out. 4.3mm offset, will line with 3’s to 14 rounds very well. This is a powerful and capable tool. Good for cartridges and needle tube setup. This machine makes a great shader as well if you like a zippier shader.


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