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Powder coated a deep sparkly chameleon color that flashes from plum to magenta, with an added top coat glitter clear to really put it over the top. Acid etched brass hardware and a hand poured rear cap with even more sparkly mica in it. RCA attachment for rca cord or battery in addition to the clip cord connection. This machine is equipped with the new tension crown so you can adjust the force of the stroke on the fly.

The newest updates of the Steeldriver make it the most versatile and durable Steeldriver to date. Featuring an all new yoke design machined from light weight aluminum. As well as a newly designed a-bar that puts more weight towards the front of bar increasing the inertial force.

The Steeldriver is an incredibly versatile and effective machine. Snappy off the tip with a great bog. A very intuitive coil like hit. Great for lining and shading with needle on bar and cartridges too. The new Steeldriver aluminum yoke allows the stroke to be more adjustable. The coil spring has the added function of being adjustable so now you can adjust the “give” aspect of the stroke to be more firm or less firm. So fine tune your hit to suite your preference without negatively affecting it’s tune. This new Steeldriver lines like an absolute dream, and shades like a dream. 

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