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The updated Steeldriver yoke does away with the consumable o-rings and replaces it with a mechanism that uses a more robust coil spring. This system also features the ability to be able to adjust your “give”. Loosen the set screw for more give, tighten it for a more firm impact.

This replacement pack comes with the new updated yoke with sealed bearing already installed, miniature robust coil spring, set screw, two O-rings, adjustment wrench for the set screw and instructions. 

While this component is compatible with most older versions of the Steeldriver there are some exceptions. This conversion is pretty straight forward but if you would like to send your machine in to be converted please e-mail us through our Contact form and we’ll arrange that.

We will not be discontinuing the sale of O-rings for the older yoke models, some may prefer that mechanisms feel as they are quite different. You can still continue to purchase those replacements through the website. 


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