The Right Tool For The Job- Digital Download
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The Right Tool For The Job- Digital Download

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This is an informative illustrated 36 page booklet written by Joshua Bowers covering topics such as rotary stroke characteristics, needle groupings, machine care, ink saturation and more. It goes very in depth in to the actual mechanics and function of rotary machines and how to use them for the best possible function. This booklet includes diagrams and illustrations that help make complicated concepts easy to understand. This digital download is an incredibly valuable source of information for all rotary users to help both troubleshoot and get the absolute best results possible while giving you a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in your machines. 


You will receive an email with a download link once order is received. When you download this file it will appear automatically in your iBooks app if you are an apple user or your e-books app if you are an android user. If you are one of the many many people who have deleted this app from your device, re-download it and the book will be in the Library.

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